Tax Consulting

Our tax consultants at Skattepunkten AB, have more experience than most. Several of our tax lawyers  have 30-40 years of experience.  Read more about our consultants here.

We strive to ensure that our clients have to pay as little tax as possible. At the same time, the company’s philosophy is that everything we are involved with shall be above board and legal. All documents must be able to be presented to the relevant authorities irrespective of whether they are on paper or in digital form. Of course, we never comment on  risks of detection.

We often meet with our clients but it is a fact that most of our clients we never see. Then we only work with telephone, skype, teams and e-mails.

Accounting services for foreigners establishing businesses in Sweden

Skattepunkten's Office Services AB specialise in helping foreign individuals and companies to establish businesses in Sweden. It is a sister company to Skattepunkten AB.

We create companies, handle registrations at the relevant authorities in Sweden and do accounting, payroll, invoicing tax returns etc.

With our tax lawyers, you will also have a perfect combination when setting up a business in Sweden.

We also provide general information regarding different practical things you need to do in relation to Sweden, for example the special Swedish system of ID06 Cards.

Skattepunkten's Office Services AB may also help its accounting clients with postal address, telephone answering service and telephone marketing such as booking meetings etc.

To have your postal address with us means that we will scan your incoming post and send it with e-mail to the you and/or your personell and to the person doing your accounting. We will keep the original papers as long as required by the Swedish Accounting Act.

Telephone answering service means that we will take care of your switch board in a professional way.

Telephone marketing such as booking meetings may be a successful tool for your sales.


International Network

Skattepunkten AB have contacts worldwide. We are a member ETL European Tax and Law.

This membership allows us to benefit from the expertise of tax experts in 48 countries.

We also work closely with accountants, business lawyers and insurance brokers.