Searching for experienced tax lawyers, tax consultants,

tax advisors or expert accountants in Sweden?

Look no further!

We strive to ensure that our clients have to pay as little tax as possible. At the same time, the company’s philosophy is that everything we are involved with shall be above board and legal.

All documents must be able to be presented to the relevant authorities irrespective of whether they are on paper or in digital form.

As a consequence, our philosophy also entails that we never speak in terms of risks of detection.

We specialise in helping foreign individuals and companies to establish businesses in Sweden.

We create companies, handle registrations at the relevant authorities in Sweden and do accounting, payroll, invoicing tax returns etc.

We also provide general information regarding different practical things you need to do in relation to Sweden. With our tax lawyers, you will also have a perfect combination when setting up a business in Sweden.


International Network

We have contacts worldwide. Skattepunkten AB is a member ETL European Tax and Law.

This membership allow us to benefit from the expertise of tax experts in 48 countries.

We also work closely with accountants, business lawyers and insurance brokers.

We can help you with your Swedish tax questions and accounting services.

Skattepunkten AB is a firm of consultants working with all kinds of Swedish taxes. Through our international contact net we can connect you with tax experts all around the world. We help all kinds of tax payers, individuals as well as small and big companies.

Skattepunkten's Office Services AB specialise in helping foreign individuals and companies to establish and run businesses in Sweden including accounting, payroll, reporting to the authorities, ID06 cards etc.

Several of our tax lawyers and expert accountants have 30-40 years of experience.

Through our international network we can refer you to tax experts in other countries.

We are represented in Göteborg, Stockholm, Gävle, Halmstad and Växjö.

Do you want help with your  Swedish tax questions or ask about our accounting services?

Skattepunkten supports Focus Business School, which trains poor and unemployed people above all in the third world to become entrepreneurs and have a future.

It is natural for an entrepreneurial company like Skattepunkten to support training in entrepreneurship. We encourage other entrepreneurs to do the same.

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